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Jada Oakley
11/15/2010 11:09:29 am

How can I access links from my yahoo IM or other places...I used to be able to do that and now I can't.

11/15/2010 11:31:42 am

Ok but what you need to remember is the email opening problem, the profile problem, opening links problem are all related and stem and caused by the same thing and all will be affected. Basically either it is browser issue or you are using a program such as norton security suite that will block those functions. I realize that you have IE 7 with vista but the steps are the same as IE 6 just the locations are a little different so scroll down to where I talk about the difference.

This is most likely an Internet Explorer Issue. If you do not know what version of IE you have then click Help at the top of the browser window and then About Internet Explorer.
In case you have a popup blocker installed or your IE popup blocker set too high first hold down ctrl key while clicking View Profile. This will bypass popup blocker and is a quick fix to try.

First, exit Yahoo Messenger by right clicking icon by clock and choosing exit.
Click on Tools at the top of IE, then Internet Options. Go to the Programs Tab. Check the little box that says “Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser.” Click OK. If this box is already checked uncheck it and click OK. Open up browser window again and go to the same place in internet options program tab and recheck this box and click OK.
Close out the browser window and open a new one. Now close out the new one. Restart Yahoo Messenger.

If the above does not do it try going back to the Internet Options/ Programs tab and click the Reset Web Settings button. A little box will pop up, uncheck where it says “Also Reset My Homepage,” (this is not necessary), then click Yes. Now click OK. Close out IE. Launch a new IE window again and close it out. Exit Yahoo Messenger by right clicking icon by clock and choosing exit. Restart Yahoo Messenger.

This is the last thing to try:
Again exit yahoo messenger and go back to Internet Options but this time choose the Advanced Tab. Click the button that says Restore Defaults. Click OK.

Remember to close out IE and launch a new window then close it out again.

Of coursee exit Yahoo Messenger first.
The Default Browser check box is in the same place as in IE 6: Tools>Internet Options>Programs Tab.
You will find the Reset Internet Explorer button on the Advanced Tab of Internet Options. (Tools/Internet Options/Advanced Tab). Click the Reset Button. Otherwise read and follow the other instructions. You most likely will be prompted to restart your computer. If it does not prompt you do it anyways for IE 7. Try one fix at a time..

Exit Yahoo Messenger first
If you want Firefox as your Default browser you can go into Tools and Options and check the box at the bottom of the window. You can also check it by clicking the check button. Click OK. Now open a new Firefox browser window to set your settings and then just close it out. I use Firefox as my default browser and I do not have issues viewing profile but if you do you might have to make IE your default browser.

If you are using Norton Internet Security (includes firewall and antivirus). It is known to interfere with ability to view profiles, open links etc. and there is NO FIX ( I am not sure if this has changed in the 2008 version so try the fixes first) that I have ever come across. Some people decide to install a different antivirus and firewall but I do not tell people to do so. The antivirus alone seems to be ok. I am not sure about Norton 360.


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